WatchGuard Technologies Brings Big Data Visibility Tools to Network Security

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WatchGuard® Technologies, a global leader in integrated, multi-function network security platforms, today announced a zero-install, public and private cloud-ready network security visibility solution. WatchGuard Dimension will come standard with the company’s flagship Unified Threat Management (UTM) platform and provides a suite of visibility and reporting tools that instantly isolates and distills actionable security issues and trends, speeding network professionals’ ability to set meaningful security policies.

“Around the world, network security pros tell us they are drowning in logs of data and find it time consuming – or nearly impossible – to identify key issues on their networks and make proper policy decisions,” said Dave R. Taylor, vice president of corporate and product strategy at WatchGuard Technologies. “In a recent report from the SANS Institute,* only 10 percent of respondents felt confident in their organizations ability to analyze large data sets for security trends, even though 77 percent are collecting logs and monitoring data from systems and security devices. WatchGuard Dimension solves this challenge by instantly turning raw network data into actionable security intelligence in the big data visualization style today’s users have come to expect.”

Customers agree WatchGuard Dimension simplifies security management. “The nature of a UTM already ensures you have an integrated, multi-function security platform with the nimbleness needed to keep up with everything from cybercrime to compliance issues,” Dicar Networks President Armando Garcia said. “WatchGuard Dimension takes that to the next level. It’s up and running in a few clicks. Plus, it’s so easy to use and understand, it helps take our customers from focusing on the ‘how’ of what they need to do, to the ‘why’ of what they need to do to address security issues on their networks.”

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